Sunrays and moonlight in the forest – PEFC Italy presents the winners of its photo contest

Discover the winning photos of PEFC Italy's 2020 ‘Experience Forests, Experience PEFC’ photo contest!

Sunrays and moonlight in the forest – PEFC Italy presents the winners of its photo contest

26 August 2020 Forests in photos

PEFC Italy has announced the stunning winners of its 2020 ‘Experience Forests, Experience PEFC’ photo contest. The images entered into the fourth edition of the contest show the beauty of Italy’s forests, mountains and landscapes.

The winning images were chosen taking into consideration the rating of a jury of foresters and photography experts, as well as the number of ‘likes’ the photos obtained on Instagram.

The winning images

First place went to Ruggero Alberti for his photo ‘Illuminato’ (‘Illuminated’), taken in Mezzano in Trento, Northern Italy.

“On a cold November morning, I decided to go for a walk not far from my village Mezzano. The area is close to the Vette Feltrine mountain range, where during the month of November, the sun manages to peep only for a few moments,” explained the winning photographer.

“Right on the trajectory of the rays there is the imposing larch tree shown on my photo. When illuminated by the sun, it explodes in all its beauty, almost looking golden."

Davide Noia came in second with his photo ‘Blue velvet’ taken in Monte Amiata Grosseto in Tuscany, Italy.

Third place went to Giacomo Luigi Menta for the photo ‘Alba in pineta’ (‘Sunrise in the pine forest’), taken in Alberese, Tuscany.

“I saw the sun rays filter through the branches of the pine forest and liked it so much that I tried to convey the emotion of that magical moment,” he explained.

The prizes

For first place, Mr Alberti receives a stay for two at the "Pigna" tree house in Ugovizza, Italy. 

Eight metres up in the air and surrounded by greenery, the treehouse invites visitors to relax and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Alps.

For second place, Mr Noia wins a planter made by Legnolandia with PEFC-certified fir wood, carrying the "Solidarity Supply Chain" label because it was built with wood from forests destroyed by the Vaia storm.

Mr Menta’s prize for third place is a picture frame made from Leonardi Wood with PEFC-certified fir wood.

If you want to see more of the images entered into Italy’s national photo contest, you can find them on Instagram under the hashtag #scattailboscopefc20.

Experience Forests, Experience PEFC

PEFC Belgium's contest was one of 12 national photo contests run by PEFC members. For the fourth time, we invited photographers and forest lovers to enter their images into the national photo contests, and received 7800 photos from forests around the world!

Besides winning a fantastic national prize, the best photos from the national contests will enter the international contest. The overall winner will be announced in November and will receive a cash prize of 2000 CHF. The top 12 photos will be featured in the 2021 PEFC photo calendar.


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