World first: PEFC and CFCC logos together

The CFCC and PEFC logos can now be seen together on a product for the first time in China, with the launch of Asia Symbol’s “Paper One” copy paper in early June.

World first: PEFC and CFCC logos together

18 June 2015 News

By displaying both logos together, the Asia Symbol can now immediately demonstrate its commitment to sustainable forest management to both Chinese and international markets.

“The launching of Asia Symbol's certified products carrying the CFCC and PEFC combined logo has set a good example to companies in the paper manufacturing sector of China to pursue sustainable development,” said Mr. Wang Wei, Chairperson of China Forest Certification Council (CFCC) and Executive Deputy Director General of Science and Technology Development Center of State Forestry Administration (SFA). “We look forward to seeing many more China-made paper products going global with a green passport of forest certification.”

To mark the occasion, Asia Symbol was presented with their CFCC Logo Usage Certificate and PEFC Chain of Custody certificate during a special celebratory launching event in early June. Attended by representatives from CFCC, PEFC China Initiative, Asia Symbol (Guangdong) Paper Co., Ltd, RGE and Forest Certification Research Center of SFA, as well as media such as China Green Times, China Business News and Consumption Daily, the event came to a close with the representatives from CFCC and PEFC receiving boxes of the newly-launched copy paper as a gift from the company.

“The PEFC endorsement of CFCS will have brought about great changes in the domestic and international forest certification markets,” highlighted Benson Yu, Director of PEFC China Initiative. “Through the use of the CFCC and PEFC labels, companies will take this new opportunity to sell their certified products in both the national and international market through obtaining the green passport of forest certification.”

Currently, the PEFC and CFCC combined logo mainly applies to the premium red "Paper One" 85g copy paper series produced with 100% PEFC-certified materials. In the near future, certified materials will be used to produce "Paper One" and "Golden Paper" product series. In the coming five years, the medium and high-end branded paper products will also fully use certified materials.

“More and more buyers are increasingly not only concerned about quality and price, but also require or expect that the paper materials are from sustainably-managed forests and environmentally-responsible,” said Hsu Chung Chen, Business Director of Asia Symbol (Guangdong) Paper Co., Ltd. “Hence, passing CFCC and PEFC certification demonstrates Asia Symbol has made due contributions in promoting sustainable forest management, and the certification will help us to develop up-end user market and win their recognition and support.”

“We have all along worked hard to push ahead the certification process of Chinese forest products,” Mr. Wang concluded. “With this launch of the first batch of certified copy papers carrying the CFCC and PEFC combined logo, it is believed with full confidence that in the near future more and more paper enterprises will join forces to opt for forest certification.”

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