PEFC Stakeholder Dialogue 2016

bali flower2016 PEFC Stakeholder Dialogue

Sustainable Landscapes for Sustainable Livelihoods

Bali, Indonesia, 17 - 18 November 2016

Exploring the role of forest certification and sustainable supply chains in promoting sustainable landscapes for sustainable livelihoods.

We are all increasingly recognizing the essential role that forests and trees play in providing solutions to complex, global challenges.

This importance is now further reinforced within the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Climate Accord.

But with this global attention also comes a call to action for the forest sector to exercise leadership and support the delivery of more ambitious forest-based solutions.

The Dialogue

For two days, we convened forest sector leaders from all over the world to elaborate on the expanded role for the forest sector, forest certification, and stakeholders.

Together we explored and debated how sustainable forestry and forest certification can contribute beyond traditional boundaries to accelerate sustainable development.

We also examined ways to further the impact of forest certification to promote sustainable landscapes where trees deliver maximum positive impacts to people and the environment.

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