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2015 PEFC Collaboration Fund Projects

In 2015, PEFC’s Collaboration Fund went truly global, with the winning projects coming from all four corners of the world. In total, we awarded CHF 90,000 to four projects.

“It was a great pleasure to announce our 2015 support to projects in Portugal, Guiana Shield & Amazon, Indonesia and Ghana,"  said Sarah Price, Head of Projects and Development at PEFC International.

"Collectively the projects will support smallholder accessibility to PEFC certification, expand our global representation and deepen scientific understanding of carbon stocks in managed tropical forests.”

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Reaching Portugal’s Small-Forest Owners through Group Certification

Project objectives

  • Increasing the number of small-forest owners benefitting from certification
  • Improving the technical and organizational capacity of bodies implementing group certification
  • Raising awareness of sustainable forest management among the general public

Implementing organization
Forestis - Associação Florestal de Portugal (Portuguese Forest Association), founded in 1992, is a private, non-profitable federation of Forest Owners Organizations that represents and defends the interests of the small forest owners.

Project partner

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Indonesia’s Community Forests: Learning from the Past to Improve the Future

Project objectives

  • Development of a new community forestry standard and group certification procedures in Indonesia
  • Awareness raising and training activities within the forest communities

Implementing organization
IFCC - Indonesian Forestry Certification Cooperation was established in 2011 to promote sustainable forest management by the implementation of the PEFC system, including certification of forest management, forest products, forest product-processing industries and the chain of custody.

Project partner

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Building on the Ghanaian National Standard to Advance Forest Certification in the Country

Project objectives

  • Development of the Ghanaian National Forest Certification System up to the pilot testing phase
  • Submission of application to become PEFC National Governing Body for Ghana
  • Outreach program to increase knowledge on PEFC, sustainable forest management and forest certification

Implementing organization
The Working Group on Forest Certification is a multi-stakeholder organization responsible for promoting sustainable forest management through certification in Ghana. The working group comprises of nine individual representing each of the key stakeholder groups in the forestry sector of the country.

Project partner

  • PAFC Cameroon

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Generating New Knowledge on Carbon Stocks in Managed Tropical Forests

Project objectives

  • Generating knowledge on the long-term impacts of timber extraction on carbon stocks and timber recovery
  • Development of practical guidelines to optimize the allowable cur while ensuring the maintenance of key environmental services

Implementing organization
CIRAD, the French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development, is a targeted French research organization. CIRAD works in various developing countries to generate and transfer new knowledge, support agricultural development and address the main global challenges concerning environment management.

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Forest owners: > 750,000
Companies (CoC): > 20,000

(as of September 2018)

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