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2016 PEFC Collaboration Fund Projects

The 2016 PEFC Collaboration Fund awarded 125,000 CHF to support projects in Italy, the Philippines, Republic of Korea, South Africa, Thailand and the US, leveraging a further 430,000 CHF from partner’s co-funding.

“This year we had a fantastic range of projects submitted to the Collaboration Fund,” said Sarah Price, Head of Projects and Development at PEFC International.

“It was extremely exciting for us dive into such well-developed proposals, and to see the breadth of solutions and innovations that our members and forest partners are putting forward and willing to deliver.”

“Through the six selected projects, we will be helping the development and implementation of national systems in Africa and Asia, supporting small- and family forest owners gain access to certification through innovative new tools, integrating the rubber sector into forest certification, advancing certification at the landscape level, and working to inspire the fashion world to utilize forest products.”

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Building Capacity within the Thai Forestry Community

Project objectives

  • Ensuring the smooth implementation of the Thai national forest certification system
  • Increasing the market demand for certification within Thailand
  • Enabling forest owners in sectors such as rubber, teak and eucalyptus gain certification

Implementing organization
The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) is a non-profit organization serving as the center for all Thai industries in the country. Its main responsibilities are promoting and supporting the industry, focusing particularly on developing sustainable growth for all industrial operations in Thailand.

Project partners

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Deploying Landscape Management Plans in the Red Hills of Florida

Project objectives

  • Advancing certification at the landscape level through the roll out of a landscape management plan
  • Improving smallholder access to credible third-party certification in the Southern US

Implementing organization
The American Forest Foundation ensures the sustainability of America’s family forests for present and future generations. AFF is the national administrator of the PEFC-endorsed American Tree Farm System.

Project partners

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Exploring the Potential of Forests in Fashion

Project objectives

  • Developing partnerships with the Italian fashion industries and other stakeholders to promote the use of sustainable wood-based fibers
  • Creating an innovative and sustainable collection of clothes and accessories made with PEFC-certified forest-based products

Implementing organization
PEFC Italy is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization, founded in 2001 to promote sustainably managed forests through independent third party certification. PEFC Italy is the PEFC National member for the country.

Project partners

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From the Forest to the Market: Promoting Forest Certification in Korea

Project objectives

  • Laying the foundations for the introduction of the Korean national forest certification system
  • Increasing awareness and promoting PEFC and the country’s national system among stakeholders and the public
  • Increasing the demand for certified forest products in the country

Implementing organization
The Korea Forestry Promotion Institute (KoFPI) was set up by the Korea Forest Service to create forestry income and promote forestry industrialization. KoFPI became the PEFC National member for the Republic of Korea in June 2016.

Project partners

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Preparing South Africa’s Small-Forest Owners for Certification

Project objectives

  • Ensuring the country’s smallholders can gain certification once the South African national system is endorsed
  • Raising awareness of PEFC among the South African timber industry, smallholders and stakeholders

Implementing organization
NCT Forestry Co-operative Limited (NCT) was established in 1949 as a marketing co-operative for private and independent timber growers in South Africa. Its mission is to assist members to achieve their full forestry potential and optimize financial returns on a sustainable basis.

Project partners

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Supporting Stakeholders to Develop the Filipino Forest Certification System

Project objectives

  • Development of a Filipino national forest certification system
  • Raising awareness of forest certification and sustainable forest management among the country’s forestry stakeholders

Implementing organization
The Philippines Center for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development, Inc. (PCEPSDI) is a non-profit organization promoting sustainable consumption and production as an approach to achieve a clean, green and healthy environment.

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