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PEFC is able to draw on a wide network of experts with theoretical and practical knowledge of sustainable forest management and related issues. pro-capacity

However, we are continually seeking to improve our knowledge base and performance. To this end, we are engaged in a range of activities intended to

  • raise awareness of certification,
  • build capacity to achieve certification,
  • contribute to research and new scientific knowledge,
  • encourage improved cooperation, and
  • enable a better understanding of traditional knowledge and cultural heritage embodied by forests to promote their sustainable management and certification.

A few projects at a glance…

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Smallholder Group Certification Project

The promotion of certification in those areas where it is less widespread, but where the sustainable management of forests has taken on increasing urgency in light of efforts to combat climate change and alleviate poverty. Following the first phase in Europe, this project is now focusing on the establishment of enabling conditions that could expand certification amongst landholders in other parts of the world, with pilot projects currently underway in Malaysia, Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam.

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Life Cycle Assessment

Forest certification is a mechanism to offer traceability and assurances that forest-based products are derived from forests under sustainable management. Life cycle assessment (LCA) on the other hand, is an approach to evaluate the environmental impacts of a product throughout its life cycle. This project sought to bridge the gap between these two commonly utilized sustainability approaches to ensure certified fiber sourcing can be better integrated into the scope of a product LCA.

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Protecting Rare Tree Species in Malaysia: Strengthening Procedures for Monitoring in Jerangau HCVF Area and Beyond

The Dipterocarpus sarawakensis, a critically endangered tree species found only in Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo, is at the heart of this project to develop monitoring and conservation measures. The development of these measures will not only reduce population decline in this rare species, but will also improve forest management practices and advance sustainable forest management in Malaysia.

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Increasing Sustainability of European Forests (ISEFOR)

While European forests are of immense importance to people, the environment and the economy; they are, however, under unprecedented threat from several sources, such as climate change and increased global trade. The ISEFOR project looked to address the problems arising from these threats through a range of research initiatives, including the development of databases of invasive alien pests and pathogens and improved methods of detecting these pests and pathogens.

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Promoting Forest Certification to the Forest Managers of the Future

Introducing forestry students to sustainable forest management certification during their studies is vital for the future management of our forests, as it is these students who will go on to manage the forests. In the Slovak Republic, we are supporting PEFC Slovakia to provide the students and teachers of the country’s forestry and wood schools with forest certification training.

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Forests area: 304 million ha
Forest owners: > 750,000
Companies (CoC): > 19,800

(as of September 2017)
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