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PEFC and Solid Wood Construction

One of the most exciting developments across the construction landscape is the growth and increased use of engineered timber products and solid wood building solutions such as cross laminated timber (CLT) and glulam. These are recognized as a popular and fashionable way to build strong, sustainable and stable structures plus bring a striking architectural dimension to modern building design.

Due to the low carbon benefits of timber as a sustainable material, many involved in the specification and use of timber including architects, designers, engineers and contractors are looking to use timber across a range of applications – saving time and reducing CO2. Glulam and CLT are commonly made from Spruce or Larch (usually from PEFC-certified sources) and acts as a natural and renewable alternative to steel and concrete.

Created by gluing together thin laminates of timber to produce large strong solid beams and panels, glulam and CLT can be used as vertical or horizontal beams, or can be produced in attractive curves and contribute to some of the finest contemporary parts of the built environment.

PEFC and Solid Wood Construction provides an overview on why CLT and glulam are proving to be so popular, alongside a couple of case studies from the UK.


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PEFC and Solid Wood Construction (929.83 kB)