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Project Chain of Custody Certification: An Introduction

PEFC’s Chain of Custody certification is now well-known and established. Indeed, some 16,000 companies and businesses worldwide have achieved Chain of Custody certification.

Chain of Custody certification is a mechanism for tracking certified material from the forest to the final product. It offers assurances that all the wood or wood-based inputs in a product or product range originated from sustainable sources. Chain of Custody certification is especially useful for businesses and organizations involved in long-term or continual provision of goods and services, including but not limited to, furniture manufacturers, wood and timber suppliers, sawmills, printers, etc.

But what of those who are involved in a one-off or short-term project? Can they too take advantage of the benefits of PEFC’s Chain of Custody certification? The answer is a resounding: Yes!

Project Chain of Custody certification is a mechanism whereby contractors and others involved in shorter-term projects are able to obtain Chain of Custody certification for the timber that they use.

Project Chain of Custody is particularly suited to projects such as new build commercial and office buildings; private and social housing projects; renovation and refurbishment schemes; airports and railway stations; schools, playgrounds, skate parks and sports arenas; boats and harbours; event and trade show infrastructure (stages, seating, stands, etc.); civil engineering projects such as bridges and tunnels; and others.

PEFC Project Chain of Custody Certification: An Introduction offers an overview of the mechanism, including how it works, to whom it applies and a list of the different steps involved in applying for and achieving Project Chain of Custody Certification, as part of efforts to assist organizations seeking to obtain Project Chain of Custody certification.


More information:

Project Chain of Custody Certification: An Introduction (1.42 MB)

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