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PEFC - A Guide for Retailers

As concern about the future of the planet and the challenges facing us continue to grow, the public at large is increasingly searching for ways in which it can make a difference, a prospect which at times seems daunting. However, one area where members of the general populace can and do contribute is through the purchase of sustainably produced, certified goods.

PEFC's publication, A Guide for Retailers, recognizes that the retail sector is in a unique position to make a difference in the forest by ensuring that the products it offers, and indeed the materials it uses in its own facilities and infrastructure (buildings, shelving, etc.), are sourced and manufactured from sustainably managed forests. The sector also has a tremendous opportunity to capture a share of the growing market for sustainably produced goods.

A Guide for Retailers is a brief and uncomplicated guide. It describes for the sector how PEFC certification and the simple act of being able to label their goods with the PEFC logo can benefit them. Notably, the simple act of providing goods certified to PEFC standards can help secure customer loyalty, enhance brand image and increase market share.

The Guide also describes in simple terms how the retail sector can support responsible forest management by, among others, promoting the importance of certification and goods sourced from sustainably-managed sources throughout its own supply chain, through its own suppliers and customers.

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PEFC - A Guide for Retailers (993.67 kB)