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Construction and PEFC Certified Timber

The construction industry is the largest buyer of timber products – this means the sector has a huge influence on the type of timber in demand and can help increase the level of sustainable products utilized. Construction and PEFC Certified Timber outlines the advantages and benefits of certified timber as a construction material.

Leading green building standards, codes and regulations globally specify the use of certified timber in construction and award higher levels or ratings if PEFC-certified raw material or products are used. Additional benefits include:

  • Certified timber is an ideal material for a multitude of building applications and construction sectors. It is helping industry professionals find more innovative ways to secure practical and cost-effective solutions with high levels of sustainability.
  • PEFC-certified timber is widely available in construction-grade strengths from an extensive network of merchants and suppliers with a huge variety of softwoods and hardwoods available.
  • PEFC-certified timber offers the widest choice of sustainable timber available to the construction sector, including Western Red Cedar, European Larch, Douglas Fir, European Redwood, Beech, Cherry, European Oak, American White Oak, American White Ash, Finnish Spruce and Birch with Dark Red Meranti, Majau, Mersawa, Merawan and Gerutu for windows and Balau, Red Balau, Kempas and Keruing for decking.

PEFC is a unique global certification system. Its distinctive and easily recognised logo transcends language barriers making it a truly global brand. This brochure brings you more about PEFC and PEFC-certified timber for the construction sector.

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Construction and PEFC Certified Timber (527.07 kB)

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