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Annual Review 2007

2007 will be remembered as a turning point for the PEFC. The last 8 years have seen PEFC develop from a small regional scheme into the global leader in certified area and volume. It was fitting therefore that in 2007 the PEFC undertook a major strategic review. This included a location review, a governance analysis and an image and impact study, which informed the discussions and debate amongst the membership and assisted in the development of a strategy.

The resulting strategy, unanimously approved by the members at the October General Assembly, marks a significant switch in the strategic direction from production to market access orientation. Over the next ten years PEFC predicts that 45% of the world's industrial roundwood production capacity will be certified, providing an increasing feedstock to the market place and meeting the rapidly growing demand for certified forest products. PEFC expects to deliver over 60% of this market share.

PEFC has also undertaken to proactively develop its rules and standards to make them more relevant to actual issues directly applicable to the needs of the supply chain, by making them easier to understand and operate without diluting their rigour. PEFC will also engage more actively with key stakeholders and international institutions and to best deliver the new strategy has decided to move its international office to Geneva.

The General Assembly approved a threefold increase in core funding, and together with the ongoing governance review, the development of a marketing and communications strategy and plan, the move to Geneva and an increase in staff numbers to deliver improved services to customers, it is clear that 2008 will be another landmark in the development of the PEFC.

In addition, 2007 saw the opening of a PEFC Office in Beijing, China to complement the work of the Japan office; a 20% increase in the numbers of Chain of Custody certifications; the endorsement of one new scheme and one amended scheme with 12 more schemes at various stages in the endorsement or re-endorsement process. PEFC has provided training for endorsement assessors, peer reviewers and national secretaries and published an online CD and new documentation including the resolution of complaints and appeals. Several databases have also been created and improved including new search facilities on the validity status of certificates.

A global resource of certified wood has been successfully created with activities in place to increase the area, volume and universal acceptance of certified wood in the market place. PEFC is dedicated in developing and improving current and new products for the market place and its customers worldwide, providing synergies and support mechanisms to address the increasing public demands for sustainability including mechanisms to address illegal logging, climate change and carbon accountability.

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