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Annual Review 2008

"Change" – this is how 2008 can best be described for PEFC. Following a strategic review in 2007 and a Governance Review completed in mid-2008, PEFC has prepared itself for the opportunities and challenges the coming years will bring. The organization has streamlined its processes and activities to improve its services to stakeholders and to society as a whole.

The most noticeable change has been the relocation of PEFC International's offices from Luxembourg to Geneva, Switzerland. Over the past 4 decades, the Geneva region has established itself as a world-class city for initiatives, focused on sustainable development, and will allow the organization to deepen its ties with stakeholders and develop a stronger foothold within the international community.

More importantly, however, is that PEFC has focused its activities on relationship-building, including the creation of a "Stakeholder Forum" as a integral membership organ. With this new body, PEFC has expanded the role of forest leaders within its governance structure and created a unique platform for interested parties to become actively engaged in shaping the future of forest certification and sustainable forest management.

The Stakeholder Forum offers a unique opportunity for international non-governmental and governmental organizations, companies, UN agencies, and others to collaborate on forestry-related issues and to provide positive contributions to the workings of PEFC, the world's largest forest certification scheme. In addition, it also has a direct impact on the governance of PEFC as it holds one-third of the total votes with at least two Board Members to be selected from the Stakeholder Forum's membership.

Another "change" concerns PEFC's technical documentation, and the organization started a comprehensive revision of its complete documentation in 2008. The revision of the Logo Usage Rules, and initial changes to the International Chain of Custody Standard were approved by the General Assembly in November 2008. The revision of all documents is expected to be finalised by 2010.

Given the importance that forests have in tackling societal challenges such as climate change, we are confident that these changes will enable PEFC to live up to the expectations that the global community rightly expects from the world's largest forest certification system.

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