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Annual Review 2005

2005 has been a very successful year for PEFC forest certification globally. In March, PEFC's endorsed certified forest area topped the 100 million hectares mark and continued to increase to more than 187 million hectares by the end of the year; equivalent to two thirds of the world certified forest area. Around 6% of the world's forest area is now certified accounting for over 20% of the global industrial roundwood production.

In addition to the rapid growth of certified area and of PEFC certified raw material, PEFC's recognition in government and private procurement policies and in the market place also grew. For example France and the UK, have recognized PEFC for their Public Timber Procurement Policies, thus giving PEFC certified timber and paper products preference in public tendering processes.

Increasing numbers of paper/timber trading and processing sector companies have chosen PEFC as their efficient and reliable tool for the safe sourcing of raw materials and products as demonstrated by the steady increase of Chain of Custody certificates at a rate of nearly 2 per day.

Steady membership growth has also been demonstrated by the national forest certification systems from Belarus and Slovenia joining the PEFC. This brings to 32 the number of member schemes of which 21 had endorsed status by the end of 2005 including the seven systems which successfully completed their assessment process throughout the year.

In addition international organisations like MECSEA (see later) have joined or are interested in joining the PEFC Council. The establishment of the "building bridges" programme in the UK, the support for the international environmental organizations (ENGO) network and the initiative for the promotion of sustainable forest management amongst eastern European countries complement other communications efforts, such as the PEFC Asia promotions initiative, and demonstrate PEFC's commitment to further international growth and development.

PEFC continues to work closely with international organisations, such as FAO, IAF and others involved and interested in forest certification. In direct talks and contacts, PEFC has strengthened and will continue to focus on its dialogue and relationships with key decision makers, such as green building initiatives, governmental agencies, DIY retailer chains, ENGOs, enterprises in the processing and trading sector and social groups involved in forest certification, contributing to PEFC's mission of promoting sustainable forest management of the world's forests through independent third party forest certification.

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