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Annual Review 2006

Two years ago PEFC had about 50 million hectares, now we are close to the 200 million mark, a fourfold increase. The availability of certified wood has increased exponentially. United Nations statistics show that some 25% of the world's industrial roundwood production is currently certified and about two thirds of all certified forests are certified to PEFC endorsed certification systems.

Much has been achieved for the sustainable management of the world's forests. However, PEFC is determined not to halt at this point or become complacent with the results, but to advance the positive trend. Forwardthinking decisions and actions have been taken since the PEFC Council General Assembly in Oregon last October, to further strengthen PEFC in international markets and at national level. A recent strategy workshop in Paris, where PEFC was founded just over 7 years ago, allowed the organisation to undertake a comprehensive review of its vision, mission and objectives and to develop appropriate strategies for the years ahead. The recognition of PEFC certified products and increased market access remain central to all of PEFC's activities.

A new PEFC promotion initiative in China, a key area in international globalization, has been prepared during the last year, complementing the existing initiatives in the UK and Japan, and will further contribute to PEFC's position in Asian markets. 2006 saw the first PEFC Chain of Custody certificates being awarded to companies in China and Malaysia.

It is encouraging to see that leaders in responsible procurement – governments and private enterprises alike – are sourcing and providing certified paper and timber products. The governments in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and New Zealand recommend PEFC in their public procurement policies and the list continues to grow.

The same is true for corporate policies and during the last year PEFC engaged in cooperation with internationally renowned companies who have decided to demonstrate their corporate social responsibility by using the PEFC logo on their certified products. The companies' marketing and sales representatives have been trained as to the benefits and advantages of PEFC certified paper and timber products and now are in the position to better inform trading partners and consumers on forest certification, and responsible purchasing.

A global resource of certified wood raw material has been successfully created and forest certification is now firmly established as a main stream requirement for all those wishing to trade internationally. PEFC will continue to drive for increased certification and focus on promoting forest certification in the market place, encouraging companies and users of certified products to do the same.

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