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Double Certification FSC and PEFC – estimation mid-2017

Several foresters in different parts of the world have chosen to use both FSC and PEFC certification for their forest management units to provide evidence for their sustainable forest management practices.

From a statistical point of view, this means that their respective certified forest area appears in both the PEFC as well as in the FSC statistics. This poses a challenge for the calculation for the total national certified area in several countries as well as for the calculation of the total global certified area, as adding up FSC and PEFC certified forest area leads to inflated figures.

PEFC and FSC have therefore decided to work together to provide a more accurate, mutually agreed estimate for the total global certified area. Estimates concerning total global certified area and double certification as of end of December 2016 were published in May 2017.

In response to request by stakeholders, the two organizations agreed to publish future estimates with a cut-off date of 30 June of every year.

By mid-2017, FSC reported a total certified area of 199 million hectares (end 2016: 196) and PEFC of 304 million hectares (end 2016: 302).

The methodology to collect mid-2017 data was refined and also led to a more precise figure for double certification for the end of 2016. Based on the refined methodology PEFC and FSC conclude that by the end of 2016, some 70.1 million hectares (or 16.5%) of global forest area was double certified, increasing to 71.1 million hectares by mid 2017 (still 16.5%).

In terms of total global certified forest area, this mean that at the end of 2016, 427.7 million hectares were certified, increasing to 431.4 million hectares in mid-2017. Currently, double certification exists in 31 countries.

This document provides PEFC and FSC agreed estimates for double certified forest area in mid-2017 by country.

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Estimated total global double certified area FSC/PEFC (mid 2017) (363.43 kB)