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Why Labels Matter: The Business Case for Using the PEFC Label

Packaging is used everywhere; it is essential for protecting products on their journey from factory to store and eventually to people’s homes. Packaging contains, preserves, protects, transports, and communicates – and consumers expect packaging to be responsibly sourced, with minimal impact on the environment and the world’s forests.

Environmental labels allow companies to visibly communicate their commitment to responsible sourcing. This is becoming ever more important as consumers are increasingly conscious of the impact of their buying decisions. According to a recent global study, purchasing a product in environmentally-friendly packaging is a key environmental action that consumers engage in: More than one third of consumers regularly search for environmental labels on food packaging, and 54% of the people surveyed said that they trust environmental labels.

Consumers not only trust environmental labels: labels such as PEFC’s are actually the most trusted source of information for consumers, ahead of media reports, consumer reports, and corporate sustainability reports, according to the Regeneration Consumer Study.

The PEFC label is exclusively available on PEFC-certified products, enabling consumers to clearly recognize and distinguish products and packaging that are made from responsibly sourced raw materials.

In Why Labels Matter: The Business Case for Using the PEFC Label discover why you should use the PEFC label on your packaging.


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Why Labels Matter: The Business Case for Using the PEFC Label (842.59 kB)

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