2012 Olympic Games celebrate world first dual project certification

The 2012 Olympic Park in London is the first project to achieve dual Project Certification from PEFC and FSC.

2012 Olympic Games celebrate world first dual project certification

27 July 2012 Project certification

The entire London 2012 Olympic Park development achieved dual Project Certification from PEFC and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) schemes for its timber usage – the first dual Project Certification in the world. 

This groundbreaking achievement in sustainable timber procurement played a prominent role in helping the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) achieve its commitment of making the London 2012 Olympic Games the greenest games ever with 100% of wood products supplied certified as legal and sustainable.

The development was audited by the Soil Association’s Woodmark and hailed as a major achievement; potentially destined to be a future model for timber procurement globally.

The scheme also saw a unique and important partnership role played by both PEFC and FSC to ensure that the levels of legal and sustainable timber procured by the ODA achieved the highest possible target.

Woodmark said the project was a ‘world first’ for certification of such a huge and complex site.

The Games’ East London site comprised of seven major venues across the 246-hectare Olympic Park and needed to be managed on a daily basis for the thousands of timber products entering the site. Sites included the iconic Velodrome that benefited from PEFC-certified western red cedar, with timber also at the center of the cycling track, the Aquatics Centre and all the bridges, fences and benches.

The project involved over 12,500 cubic meters of timber – from European construction timber to tropical hardwoods – and is a world first that involved adapting existing standards to suit a demanding and complex site.

The ambitious approach was driven forward by the establishment of the ODA’s Timber Supplier Panel that embedded strict policy and procurement procedures and implemented a delivery management system that was forthright in policing and educating stakeholders and their supply chains about sustainable timber and unbroken chain of custody.

For more information visit the PEFC UK website: www.pefc.co.uk

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