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Clear Sound & Vision Promotes Certification and Certified Products

CSV-medUK-based project management company Clear Sound & Vision Ltd has been successfully encouraging its customers and suppliers to seek out and source certified products.

Founded in 1997, Clear Sound & Vision specialises in providing production solutions and packaging for the music, media and film industries. Activities include designing and managing the production of packaging for CD, DVD, vinyl products and elaborate boxed sets as well as producing brochures, catalogues, books and associated merchandise. Other products include DVD inlays and CD booklets as well as the labels used on the vinyl discs themselves. CSV works closely with designers and members of the print industry. Every year the company buys and sells over £1.5million worth of printed materials. This volume is likely to grow as customers increasingly turn away from plastic and polypropylene packaging (e.g. "jewel box" CD cases) towards ever more environmentally-friendly cardboard and wood-based packaging.

Clear Sound & Vision has received PEFC accreditation and Chain-of-Custody certification. Many of CSV's client's products now bear the PEFC logo. In addition to sourcing products from sustainably-managed sources, the company takes painstaking efforts to ensure that the UK and Europe-based printers with which it works use certified products where possible.

In addition to sourcing certified products the company also actively promotes the benefits of using certified goods among its customers and suppliers. CSV also encourages the use of recycled products, vegetable-based inks and bio-degradable polythene wrapping. These efforts are beginning to yield results with Clear Sound & Vision reporting a significant rise in awareness and demand among its customers for sustainable packaging. Customers are also actively embracing PEFC and other certified products through the company. Going forward, company executives predict that demand for certified products will continue to rise.

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