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Finnish Furniture Group Isku Promotes Sustainable Forestry

isku-medIsku is an international, family-owned furniture manufacturer. Founded in 1928, its head office and production facilities are in Lahti, Finland. The group has about 40 stores and outlets in Scandinavia, the Baltic States and Russia. It has a staff of some 1,000 people of which 500 are employed in production.

Isku designs, produces and sells high-quality furniture and furnishing solutions for homes, kitchens, public premises, offices, training environments, and the service and health care sectors. Environmental issues are of key concern to the company which seeks to promote Chain-of-Custody certification throughout its wood supply chain.

Sustainable development is a very important consideration for Isku which pays careful attention to environmental concerns at all stages of its products' life cycles, from sourcing of the raw materials to the final disposal of the product. The company only sources wood from sustainable sources.

More recently, Isku has been investigating possibilities for Chain-of-Custody certification. As a final producer, Isku's Chain-of-custody certification is dependent to some extent upon its distributors. Where possible, Isku only purchases certified wood, however its 'certifed chain' is not always complete. For this reason, and as part of efforts to ensure that it is a certified link in a fully certified value chain, Isku has been actively promoting Chain-of-Custody certification throughout its supply chain.

"It's important for environmental and quality reasons that we know where the raw materials we use in our production come from. We want to guarantee that our timber supplies come from carefully monitored and certified forests. Our customers should never be in any doubt as to what their furniture is made of. We are sure that close cooperation with the PEFC Finland will lead us to implement Chain-of-Custody certification as a step towards assuring sustainable forestry," says Arto J. Tiitinen, CEO of Isku.

Many customers appreciate Isku's work in favour of sustainable forestry. "We chose Isku as our office furniture provider for our new headquarters in Helsinki", says Merja Vuorinen, Administrative Manager of Skanska in Finland, part of the global construction and project development group, Skanska AB.

"We want to be the leading company in sustainability in our sector, which is why environmental issues play a large role in our purchasing decisions. The willingness of a furniture provider to work toward the goal of implementing a Chain-of-Custody certification is something we include in our requirements when we select partners for our commercial development projects. We also strongly recommend to the people responsible for our construction projects to only buy certified timber. If that is not possible, they must at least ensure which kind of timber is in question and where it comes from," says Vuorinen.

Sourcing from sustainable sources and efforts to implement Chain-of-Custody certification confer a competitive advantage upon companies. Isku will continue to promote Chain-of-Custody certification throughout its supply chain now and in the future.

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