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Ethics Lie at the Heart of UK Oak Doors' Decision to Source PEFC Certified Wood

Oak_DoorsFounded in 2008, British company "UK Oak Doors" specialises in the design and manufacture of solid oak doors for internal and external use. The company also provides skirting boards, door frames and architraves to match the doors.

UK Oak Doors' products are handmade under direct supervision of the company in Europe and China, Asia, using modern machinery and traditional techniques. On-site quality control staff monitor production from the raw lumber stage to the finished product. Thanks to a warehouse in Bedfordshire, showrooms in Warwickshire and a solid online presence, products can be collected directly or shipped to destinations throughout Europe. The company typically ships 60 to 70 containers of oak wood per annum for use in a range of products.

Environmental sustainability is an important part of the company's philosophy. UK Oak Doors makes every effort to ensure that all the wood used in its products comes from plantations or sustainably managed forests. The company is keen to source its wood in Europe. All the oak used in its products is procured from France, Germany and Austria; it is PEFC certified.

In the decision to only source PEFC certified oak, ethical concerns took precedence over purely business considerations. The decision was largely driven by Managing Director Nick Lines who commented, "I did not wish to be part of anything that was contributing to depleting global levels of standing forest. At the time we were under considerable pressure from our suppliers to accept oak from very dubious sources in China and Russia."

This commitment to sustainability is today a company-wide one and supported by all staff. It is also widely supported by UK Oak Doors' customers a large amount of whom admit to being influenced in their choice of product thanks to the ethical stance adopted by the company. "As consumer awareness of the influence that their decisions make to the world around them grows slowly the tables are turning on the price vs. environmental damage argument, it is getting much harder for consumers to ignore and belatedly retailers seem to be taking this on-board."

As well as helping to secure customer loyalty, the decision to only source PEFC-certified oak has much wider ramifications for Europe's oak forests. Coveted for its properties and beauty, European oak is today under growing pressure. A slow-growing timber, oak trees can take 80-120 years to reach maturity. As demand increases, this is compromising the forests and the trees. Shorter growing periods mean that the trees are being harvested younger resulting in smaller trees, lower density wood and gradual depletion of the oak forests. It is also contributing to driving up the price of oak wood.

By choosing to source PEFC-certified European oak wood, UK Oak Doors is contributing to the longevity of the forests and the sustainability of the oak wood supply. Long-term, this will protect UK Oak Doors' core business and contribute towards protecting Europe's oak forest heritage.

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