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Leading German Furniture Manufacturer Decker Promotes Benefits of PEFC Certification

decker_logo-medSince 1915, creativity, quality and craftsmanship have been the cornerstones of success for the wooden furniture manufacturer A. Decker GmbH, a firm advocate of the benefits of PEFC certification.

The German Borgentreich-Borgholz-based company specializes in the production of solid wood furniture products for living and dining areas, ranging from classical to modern style. A member of the German Quality Furniture (DGM) manufacturers' guild, Decker furniture carries the "Golden M" label, which provides assurances concerning stability, material quality, durability, and safety and health aspects.

The company manufactures its products using predominantly local hardwoods such as beech, willow, red heart beech, alder, oak, and wild oak. Traditionally, Decker has sourced wood from sustainably managed forests and chose to obtain PEFC Chain of Custody certification to document and promote its responsible sourcing practices.

Environmental considerations are a cornerstone of Decker's corporate philosophy. The company seeks to ensure that sustainability concerns are integrated throughout the entire value chain, from procurement to production to the final product. To this end, Decker uses only high-quality, environmentally-friendly raw materials and supplies in its entire production.

By obtaining PEFC certification, Decker is showing the marketplace that in choosing PEFC-certified products, customers and consumers alike can make a valuable contribution to a healthy environment. As one of the leading furniture manufacturers in Germany, the company also demonstrates that its commitment to responsible forestry is not lip service, but taken very seriously.

To this end, Decker communicates its PEFC-certified status not only by labelling its products, but also by promoting it on its website, in its public relations activities, at trade shows, and in information materials targeted at its employees, sales representative, distributors, suppliers, and other stakeholders. Decker also organizes seminars and training sessions at its solid wood academy in Borgholz as well as on-site to promote the importance of sustainability in the wood products industry.

The majority of Decker's customers are responding positively the company's commitment to PEFC, yet Decker has noticed that a number of furniture retailers are unfamiliar with the label, and Decker wishes to fill this knowledge gap.

PEFC certification is important for Decker because it delivers:

  • clear and transparent traceability of timber
  • global recognition and credibility
  • prevention of timber exploitation, illegal harvesting, clear cutting and monoculture
  • minimization of pesticides
  • assurances that the wood used in its products come from site-specific tree species; and
  • guarantees for customers that the products they are acquiring are from sustainable sources.

Decker's PEFC-certified status offers assurances about sustainability in the entire value chain from the forest to the finished product. It complements other elements of Decker's corporate philosophy and symbolizes the company's forward-looking engagement with raw material timber.

PEFC certification provides assurances to customers and consumers that its timber products originate from sustainable managed forests. It promotes Decker's tradition of placing strong emphasis on environmental protection, sustainability and credibility in all of its activities, and is a smart move in preparation for the future.

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