Meeting our Certified Companies – ENAIP Tesero School

Giada Mearns, a teacher at CFP ENAIP Tesero School, a Professional High School for woodworkers and sawmills in Italy, tells us about the innovative, sustainable, and inspiring approach of the first PEFC-certified school.

Meeting our Certified Companies – ENAIP Tesero School

26 April 2022 Meeting certified companies

PEFC certification allows forest and business owners to prove that their products come from a sustainable source and were produced in a responsible way. But PEFC certification goes beyond forests and companies.

Seeing the need of local PEFC-certified furniture producers for trained staff to manage their supply chains, CFP ENAIP Tesero School, a Professional High School for woodworkers and sawmills in Italy, obtained PEFC certification themselves, to give their students a truly sustainable education.

In our interview with wood science teacher Giada Mearns, we hear more about the innovative, sustainable, and inspiring approach of the first PEFC-certified school.

Can you tell us more about ENAIP Tesero School?

Founded in the 2004, the school has continuously evolved to stay in touch with the necessities of the wood sector companies. Our goal is for our students to become conscious of the importance of the forest product chain process. After four years in our school, our students can manage and coordinate the entire creation process: from the raw material to the final piece of furniture.

In the context of timber sourcing, what is your goal?

PEFC helps us to train responsible workers and citizens. GIADA MEARNS, WOOD SCIENCE TEACHER

We buy only local and PEFC-certified wood for our labs. Our main role is to educate the future woodworkers. 

Our students are the future artisans and citizens who can make the right choice to protect our forests and our future. 

We support our local forest-wood system, aware that this will make the difference: because wood and trees must be forever.

Tell us a bit about yourself. What is your background? 

I studied Forestry Science at the University of Padua and Wood Anatomy in Zurich, as part of my PHD. My passion for trees and wood led me to Trentino, where I started my career as a wood science teacher.

This gave me the chance to get involved in the forest and wood sector of this region. I have the great honour to work with students that share my passion. With them, we created a great connection between schools, companies, and researchers. Our main goal is to expand the awareness of the importance of trees and wood in our daily life. I believe that we all can make the difference together, because trees are the biggest gift we have.

How did you hear about PEFC?

Many companies we work with are PEFC certified and needed trained staff to manage the entire chain of custody. PEFC helps us to train responsible workers and citizens to use sustainable materials and be conscious of their role in the future of forests.

All our decisions are led by the PEFC guidelines: the school’s role is not only to give knowledge, but to plant seeds that can grow into big dreams and minds.

How has PEFC certification benefited the school and helped achieve your goals?

Our students are proud to be in a PEFC school. It is one reason why they choose our programs. In recent years, many journals reported on our school thanks to our certification, and we won many national prizes.

What does it mean for you personally to work for a school that takes its responsibility for forests seriously?

It makes me extremely proud to be part of a team that believes in the power of forests and wood. 

We have an important role in creating the future of our planet by planting the seed of sustainability in our young people’s minds. They will be the ones who will contribute to protecting the forests and local wood companies, because they know it’s a big gift.

In your opinion, what role will sustainability and certification play in the future?

We live in a region in which forests make up 70% of the surface and have always played an important role in the culture, history, and economy of the population.

From this year we created a net between carpenter schools in Northern Italy. We are the first PEFC-certified school and believe we must spread this belief. The twelve partner schools are convinced of the importance of the role of sustainability in our future: cooperation can only bring growth and improvement. Our intention is to enlarge the net trying to involve more schools in our movement.

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