Skjern Paper: becoming a sustainability leader with PEFC

“The PEFC certificate opens opportunities for collaboration. It makes us more attractive for companies who are or wish to become a part of the PEFC chain of custody system,” says Nana Simonsen from Skjern Paper.

Skjern Paper: becoming a sustainability leader with PEFC

16 December 2021 Packaging

West Jutland, Denmark, is home to one of the most sustainable paper mills in the world. With their towering ambitions and a circular approach based on recycled resources, Skjern Paper contributes to the green transition.

Founded in 1965, Skjern Paper is Denmark’s only paper mill. It has a yearly production of 75,000 tons of paper and cardboard – all made of 100% recycled paper waste. 

The company meets the social responsibility and optimizes the operation of the mill with determined work and big ambitions. 

More than 90% of its production is exported throughout Europe.

“At Skjern Paper, our work is founded on a circular economy, and we use 100% recycled cardboard and recycled paper as raw material. Every day we work on creating a company that lives up to our responsibility and ensures a responsible production,” explained Nana Simonsen, Quality Manager at Skjern Paper.

“We are currently close to achieving a title that we would like to hold on to – being the most sustainable paper mill in the world.”

Certification ensures transparency and value in the market

At Skjern Paper, the desire to become PEFC certified occurred when a customer asked for certified paper for their own production. 

As a preparatory link in the supply chain, the company must be PEFC chain of custody certified to sell its final products as PEFC certified.

“Our PEFC certificate supports our vision and goals because it helps us ensure traceability, prove our social responsibility, and document that our wood-based products do not originate from illegal logging,” explained Nana Simonsen.

“Furthermore, this certificate has opened new opportunities for collaboration and new customers. It makes us more attractive for companies, who already are or wish to become a part of the PEFC chain of custody system,” she continued.

“It is not even that difficult – the certification process was very simple. You should not dread the work, which lies in becoming PEFC certified. It has been easy to gain, especially if you have other certificates.” 

“It is wonderful to see that PEFC’s certification system yields value at the market and that progressive companies like Skjern Paper can see the possibilities in gaining a PEFC certificate. It means a lot, that their customers all over Europe now have access to PEFC-certified paper from recycled materials,” said Morten Thorøe, former National Secretary of PEFC Denmark.

Photo credits: Skjern Paper

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