Sydney Metro Northwest: first public transport project to achieve PEFC project certification

The new Sydney Metro is the first project of its type the southern hemisphere to achieve PEFC project certification.

Sydney Metro Northwest: first public transport project to achieve PEFC project certification

26 June 2019 Project certification

Australia’s largest infrastructure project, Sydney Metro Northwest, has achieved PEFC/Responsible Wood project certification.

“This is the largest project of its type in Australia, and to our knowledge, it is the first project of its type anywhere in the southern hemisphere to achieve PEFC/Responsible Wood project certification,” said Simon Dorries, CEO of Responsible Wood, our national member for Australia.

“When it comes to the building and construction industry, project certification represents the high watermark for forest certification.”

PEFC-certified timber was used at seven stations of the Sydney Metro, and four multi-story parking structures with space for more than 4,000 vehicles.

A project of a new generation

The new standalone railway will deliver 31 metro stations and more than 66 kilometres of new metro rail, revolutionising the way Australia’s biggest city travels. Timetables will not be needed, as a train will come every four minutes in the peak. The new metro is seen as a new generation of world-class fast, safe and reliable trains. 

The first stage of Sydney Metro, the North West Line, opened to customers on 26 May.

Sustainability as a priority

“Future generations of Australians will be able to enjoy an amazing piece of infrastructure with trust and confidence that the timber was sourced from and supports responsible forestry,” said Simon Dorries. “As projects go, this is the ultimate renewable.”

“The Sydney Metro Northwest project is a milestone for Australia, and we are proud that it reflects the country’s responsible sourcing goals,” said Thirukumaran Jallendran, Sustainability Manager at John Holland, the principal contractor of the project.

“We hope to set the precedent that project certification is a significant and worthwhile endeavour for other Australian projects.”

PEFC project certification

PEFC project certification is a specific form of Chain of Custody certification that allows companies to take advantage of PEFC certification for their projects.

Project certification provides a mechanism for gaining independent verification of the use of certified timber in a one-off project, such as a construction project, with a limited duration. Find out how you can benefit from PEFC project certification.

Photo credits: SCS Global Services

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