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Forests are under threat – use them or lose them!

Forests are vital to our way of life, but they are under threat. Converted to agricultural land, cattle ranches and palm and soy plantations – but what is the solution? At PEFC, we believe we need to use our forests, but to use them responsibly. How can you help? Buy PEFC-certified products!

Using wood is good, but let's make it certified!

Using wood is great, and it actually helps to protect our forests. This is where PEFC certification comes in, safeguarding our forests. PEFC-certified products come from forests that are managed sustainably. How can you help? Buy PEFC-certified products!

How can we best protect our forests? PEFC certification!

We believe the solution is to manage our forests sustainably. Certification promotes sustainability. PEFC is the world’s leading forest certification system, and we care passionately about forests. We help safeguard biodiversity and support forest owners and communities. How can you help? Buy PEFC-certified products!

"Forests Matter" – The Why and What of PEFC for Companies

While PEFC certification is part of the license to operate for many companies along the timber supply chain, why forest certification matters is not clear to others. Why are forests important, what does PEFC deliver, how can my company contribute? These questions are answered in this two minute video.