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Ben Russia video

Forest certification to be a key tool for Russian economy
Watch Ben Gunneberg's reflections following the II International Conference of the Russian Pulp & Paper Industry in December 2016.

PEFC Week video thumbnail

PEFC Forest Certification Week 2016
Catch up on the daily reflections from Ben Gunneberg, our CEO, or see what the participants thought about our 2016 PEFC Forest Certification Week!

forests matter video

"Forests Matter" – The Why and What of PEFC for Companies
Why are forests important, what does PEFC deliver, how can my company contribute? These questions are answered in this 2 minute video.


Continuing Stong International Development for PEFC
Interview with Ben Gunneberg, CEO of PEFC International, during the 19th PEFC General Assembly in Paris, France.

Project cert video

Kingsgate House: First PEFC UK Project Certification in the World
The first major construction project in the world to achieve PEFC Project Certification is now complete at Kingsgate House, a seven-storey residential project in West London.

PEFC certified cork

The Significance of PEFC Certified Cork
This video shows how cork is harvested in a traditional manner in PEFC-certified cork forests and the benefits and advantages of PEFC certification in the context of rural development.


Forestry Is Not Rocket Science - It Is Far More Complex
(Former) PEFC Chairman William Street addresses participants at the high-level side event "Forests: the gheart of a green economy", jointly organized by FAO, ICPFA and BRACELPA during the Rio+20 conference in June 2012.


From Wood to the Wooden House in 12km
The video, a contribution to the Rio+20 conference, follows the journey of a piece of timber from a PEFC-certified forest to being a structurally important beam in a wooden building.


PEFC Certified Wood: A Sustainable Construction Material
Wood is one of the most sustainable building materials available if it originates from sustainably forestry. A report on Dutch TV channel RTL Z provides an overview of forest certification and highlights the benefits of PEFC.


The Rio Forest Certification Declaration
(Former) PEFC Chairman William Street explains the importance of the Declaration and why it requires support by all forest stakeholders globally and locally. More info at


USGBC: The Way Forward
Forest certification standards from around the world remain committed to work with the United States Green Building Council to assist it in better recognizing the sustainability attributes of timber in construction.


Kleenex - Lab tested for future generations
Kleenex® Cottonelle® has PEFC environmental certification. PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) is an independent, not-for-profit body for certifying sustainable forestry.


PEFC in North America
Bob Simpson, (Former) PEFC Vice Chairman and Senior Vice-President of the American Forest Foundation, explains how PEFC works and what it offers small forest owners. Video shared with kind permission of Logging Management


Forest Certification in North America
Kathy Abusow, President and CEO of PEFC-member SFI, talks about SFI and other certification programs, growing consumer acceptance, and the state of certification worldwide. Video shared with kind permission of Logging Management


Paris turns green.....
....soon, the forest will arrive in Paris. Preview it!


Forest Certification & Green Building Standards
Kathy Abusow, President and CEO of SFI, speaks about the USGBC LEED rating system, which represents an overly complicated set of criteria for certified timber that no other building material is measured against.

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Forests area: 304 million ha
Forest owners: > 750,000
Companies (CoC): > 19,800

(as of September 2017)
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