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PEFC produces a wide variety of publications, including brochures, toolkits, annual reviews and organizational documentation.

Architects and construction

architects Timber is a material that sits at the heart of the construction industry. It opens up a world of innovation and there has never been a better time to choose timber as a building material.

PEFC-certified timber offers the widest choice of sustainable timber available and plays an enormous part in many building projects.

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Chain of Custody

pefc coc benefits

In order to provide assurances that wood and wood-based products originate from sustainably managed forests, PEFC promotes Chain of Custody certification.

Chain of Custody certification outlines requirements for tracking certified material from the forest to the final product to ensure that the wood contained in the product or product line originates from certified forests.

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financeWhen financing, insuring or investing in projects or companies involved in forest operations or related production and trade, financial institutions need to ensure that private sector activities have minimal negative impact on forests. Moreover, responsible investors should look for ways to facilitate net positive impact.


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Organizational documents

annual review 2017Discover the journey we have taken over the past years by browsing through all our Annual Reviews since 2005.

You can also find out what makes PEFC unique and the system of choice, along with a list of our members from all around the world.


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Paper and packaging

Why Labels Matter smallConsumers increasingly expect paper and packaging to be responsibly sourced, with minimal impact on the environment and the world’s forests.

One of the simplest ways companies can demonstrate this is by purchasing products certified by, among others, PEFC, to help promote sustainable forest management.

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Projects and development

ToolkitAn important part of our work is to support projects and activities intended to promote sustainable forest management, mainstream forest certification, improve market conditions for certified products, and advance knowledge and collaboration.


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public procurementAware of the importance of promoting sustainable forest management, national and local governments around the world have made sustainable timber procurement a key requirement of public purchasing.

PEFC certification is accepted by public procurement policies globally as providing evidence for sustainability and legality.

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Retailers and consumers

furniture manufacturing and certification

Responsible retailers are already increasingly looking for PEFC certified products within their purchasing strategies.

At the same time, consumers are also becoming more attuned to sustainability and the important role retailers can play in helping them to make positive purchasing choices.

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