Global public consultations

Give your comments and provide feedback on the development of our international standards.

Global public consultations

Public consultations are a vital part of the development process of our international standards. They are when you get to read the draft, make your comments and give direct feedback.

This is important for gaining additional observations and insights, helping the working group to shape the standard to ensure it meets stakeholder expectations. We provide a response to every comment we receive.

All consultations are run through our online consultation tool and are open for at least 60 days. If you are looking for public consultations on national forest certification systems, you can find them here.

Current public consultations

PEFC RED II standards

Consultation open: 20 February - 20 April 2024
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This consultation covers:

  • PEFC ST 5002, Additional requirements for organisations sourcing forest biomass – RED II
  • PEFC ST 5003, Additional requirements for certification bodies providing certification against PEFC ST 5002 – RED II
  • PEFC ST 5004, Requirements for the development of Level A risk assessments and its recognition by PEFC as per Article 29 (6a) and (7a) of the RED II Directive

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