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We explain the changes to our sustainable forest management benchmark

May 29 2018

Do you want to give your feedback as we revise our benchmark for sustainable forest management? But feel like you need more information on how this vital document is changing? Then make sure you listen to the recording of our recent webinar!

Held on 12 and 14 June, these webinars introduced and explained the main proposed changes to PEFC ST 1003 – the international benchmark that provides the basis for the requirements that forest owners or managers must meet to achieve PEFC certification at local level.

Expanding forest certification to Trees outside Forests

In addition, we also held a special webinar on 13 June specifically focusing on the new Trees outside Forests appendix.

The inclusion of Trees outside Forests (ToF) is an important step towards supporting sustainable management of trees throughout landscapes, whether agroforestry or even trees within settlement areas.

It will enable millions of farmers and smallholders to obtain PEFC certification whilst promoting good agricultural practices: helping to increase income and the productivity of agricultural land and agroforestry, especially in developing countries.

From reducing poverty (SDG 1) and hunger (SDG 2) to influencing sustainable cities (SDG 11) and the well-being of urban populations (SDG 3), our ToF certification is set to have wide-ranging impacts that will extend way beyond our forests.

Listen to the webinar!

What else has changed?

We have expanded the social requirements, with greater inclusion of human rights, minimum standards for forest workers’ wages (both migrant and local) and the promotion of gender equality. Working conditions shall now be regularly monitored and adapted as necessary, and employment policies must include equal opportunities and non-discrimination.

The revised document also includes a refined definition of ecologically important forest areas, supports climate positive practices and forbids the reforestation or afforestation of ecologically important non-forest areas.

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If you have any question about the revision process, please get in touch with our contact point:

Christian Kämmer
Technical Officer, PEFC International


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