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Structure of the PEFC Technical Documentation (PEFC GD 1001:2008)

Much of PEFC's spectrum of activities is based on technical documentation outlining principles, criteria, and procedures. PEFC modified its documentation structure in 2008 to improve usability and readability. Documentation that has been developed or revised since this document came into effect is structured according to the new documentation structure, while other documentation remains in the old documentation structure.

For International Standards, all new documentation is named as PEFC ST xxxx:year, replacing the previously used Annexes.

The new documentation structure is covered in PEFC GD 1001:2008, which outlines requirements for identification, status (mandatory versus recommendatory provisions), the development (including formal approval) and public availability of the technical documentation developed and governed by the PEFC Council.


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Structure of the PEFC Technical Documentation (PEFC GD 1001:2008) (30.27 kB)