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Group Forest Management Certification (PEFC ST 1002:2018)

This benchmark defines the general requirements for national forest certification systems with group forest management certification. Stakeholders use this benchmark when they develop their national group certification requirements. It covers aspects such as the minimum requirements for internal monitoring and auditing within a certified group – a vital process if group certification is to be effective. 

Group certification enables the certification of a number of forest owners/managers under one certificate. Developed by us over a decade ago, it allows groups of small-forest landholders to organize themselves, pool their resources, and work together to achieve certification. This makes certification accessible for small-forest owners.

This benchmark entered into force on 28 November 2018, replacing PEFC ST 1002:2010. This document was re-issued on 12 December 2018 with a few minor editorial corrections.

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Group Forest Management Certification (PEFC ST 1002:2018) (1.07 MB)