Synergies between FLEGT VPA and PEFC Certification

Exploring synergies and formal recognition between Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPAs) and certification in Ghana.

Synergies between FLEGT VPA and PEFC Certification


Despite the differences between a Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) (national regulatory approach) and forest certification (voluntary approach), PEFC certification can inform or contribute to the development and implementation of VPAs and vice versa.

Synergies and formal recognition between VPAs and certification can help simplify verification and limit redundancy and therefore costs of verification activities. Recognition also acknowledges efforts made by forest managers and operators to achieve or contribute to Sustainable Forest Management. And where FLEGT VPAs can take years or decades to fully implement, PEFC certification can deliver recognition of sustainable forest management based on the initiative of a forest manager.

Exploring these synergies and others is an ongoing effort amongst stakeholders in many countries that are actively engaged in the FLEGT VPA process.

Migrating from FLEGT VPA to PEFC Certification in Ghana

One such effort was a recently concluded study in Ghana by the National Working Group Ghana, with the support of UK DFID in cooperation with PEFC International and the UK Timber Trade Federation (UK TTF).

The comprehensive analysis reviewed Ghana’s FLEGT VPA requirements together with the requirements of Ghana’s recently completed National Forest Certification System.

For more information, take a look at the study synopsis:

Synopsis: Migrating from FLEGT VPA to PEFC certification in Ghana 128.41 KB

or download the narrative report:

Migrating from FLEGT VPA to PEFC certification in Ghana 318.52 KB

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