Our Projects

We use our projects and partnerships to support the growth of forest certification around the world.

Our projects

Supporting stakeholders to develop the Croatian forest certification system

National system development

Until now, the lack of a national forest certification system has meant that Croatia’s small-forest owners have had no access to certification. This projects looks to change this.

Building capacity within the Thai forestry community

National system development

As stakeholders develop a Thai national forest certification system suited to the needs of their specific national context, this project will ensure its smooth implementation.

Helping stakeholders to establish forest certification in the Philippines

National system development

As the Philippines continues to fight against its rapid rate of deforestation, we are supporting the country’s stakeholders as they develop a national forest certification system.

Advancing forest certification in Ghana

National system development

While forest certification existed in Ghana, it lacked international recognition. This project helped get the national forest certification system through key stages of development, moving it towards PEFC endorsement.

Working in partnership to bring sustainable management to Myanmar’s forests

National system development

As Myanmar reforms its forest sector, we are supporting the country towards sustainable management of its forest resources in order to advance equitable and sustainable development.

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