We need to safeguard the forests that are still here in our world

Time to hear more about the photo of the month for August. The amazing 'Hunting Prey in the Water' by Sofyan Efendi was entered into the Indonesian photo contest. Learn what the photographer says about his photo. 

We need to safeguard the forests that are still here in our world

2 August 2022 Forests in photos

Our photo of the month of August is ‘Hunting Prey in the Water’, one of the top 12 photos of our 2021 PEFC Photo Contest.

Sofyan Efendi took the photo in Danau Cisawang, Indonesia. He shared his thoughts about forests with us, and what makes them truly special places.

What does the forest mean to you?

I see forests as a home for so many creatures. The water, land and clean air in our forests are priceless gifts from God. Therefore, we need to safeguard the forests that are still here in our world – for our future and for the next generations.

How did the forest inspire you to take your winning photo?

Forests are places where animals can reproduce well. The photo I captured shows a bird, a Brahminy Kite, that found some food in a lake. Moments like this are my lucky moments. 

What do you think about the work that an organization such as PEFC/IFCC does to care for forests?

PEFC is an organization that cares for the world’s ecosystems, so they have a big role to play for the future sustainability of our forests. 

All of us can help safeguard our forests. Next time you go shopping, look for the PEFC label.

About the contest

In 2021, we held our ‘Experience Forests, Experience PEFC’ photo contest for the fifth time. Taking place in 11 countries, we received 5000 stunning photos, taking us to the wonderful world of forests. 

Have a look at the top 12 images of the 2021 contest here. To learn more about the photos, watch the winner announcement on Facebook Live.


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