Winning photos show hard work and its results in Uruguay’s forests

PEFC Uruguay presented the winners of their 2019 'Experience Forests, Experience PEFC' photo contest - have a look at them!

Winning photos show hard work and its results in Uruguay’s forests

30 August 2019 Forests in photos

‘El Bosque: productos y servicios’ (The forest: products and services) was the theme of PEFC Uruguay’s photo contest.

More than 300 photographers and forest lovers entered their photos, showing humans, animals and handicraft in Uruguay’s forests.

The winners

With her image ‘Carmen y Giacomo’ (Carmen and Giacomo), Alfonsina Pereira won first prize. 

Taken in the town of Piedras Colorada Paysandú in Uruguay, the image shows the beekeeper Carmen accompanying Giacomo in his first contact with the bees.

“Carmen produces organic honey in the forest. Together with other producers in the area, she is in the process of achieving PEFC certification for her honey,” says the photographer.

“Forests exchange with bees. They need each other for their growth and strengthening, and directly impact on human survival. We have to treat forests and bees with respect, persevering in the conservation of the ecosystem for future generations.”

Luis Ruiz came in second with his photo ‘Retoño’ (Offspring). Taken in in Melo, Cerro Largo in Uruguay, the photo shows Cardinal birds nestling in the native forest of Espinillos.

Third place went to Victor Alejandro Da Costa for his photo ‘El Cáliz’ (The chalice) taken in Melo, Cerro Largo, Uruguay.

“This object represents the communion between humanity and nature from the simplicity of transforming a raw material into a common tool,” he explains.

The prizes

For first prize, Ms. Pereira receives an Escapada Bigbox, a voucher that allows her to choose from a range of holiday experiences.

Mr. Ruiz and Mr. Da Costa each win a basket full of sustainable, local products from Santa Pradera.

Experience Forests, Experience PEFC

PEFC Uruguay’s contest was one of 13 national photo contests run by PEFC members.

Besides winning a fantastic national prize, the best photos from the national contests will enter the international contest. The overall winner will be announced in November and will receive a trip to the 2019 PEFC Forest Certification Week in Germany or 2000 CHF.

The top 12 photos will be featured in the 2020 PEFC photo calendar, and exhibited at PEFC Forest Certification Week.


See PEFC's latest COVID-19 guidance for certification bodies and certified entities.

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