Impriarte: a small business with big environmental goals

Dedicated to the printing of packaging and adhesive labels, and the development and manufacture of point of sale materials, Impriarte offers a wide range of PEFC-certified products.

Impriarte: a small business with big environmental goals

24 January 2018 Packaging

Impriarte is a family SME, located in Humanes de Madrid, Spain, and dedicated to the printing of packaging and adhesive labels, and the development and manufacture of point of sale (POS) materials. 

Our company is the main supplier of several important companies in the pharmaceutical and phytosanitary sectors. Over time, Impriarte has expanded the supply of products, not only offering them in cardboard but also providing products made from metal, plastic and wood.

The range of certified products that we offer to our customers includes corporate stationery and brochure printing, food packaging and adhesive labels. It also includes our POS range, such as wooden floor and counter displays. As an industry, we are aware of the impact of our activity, not only on our local environment, but also at the global level.

We decided on PEFC certification, encouraged by the variety and quantity of certified products on the market. It was not due to requests from clients or public tenders. It was purely our ecological conscience: if the supply of raw materials does not come from sustainable sources, we will not be viable either.

However, we have decided to go further. Our production centers use 100% renewable energy and soon we will offset our carbon footprint through forestry projects for CO2 absorption in Spain.

We were able to generate great interest by informing our clients about our PEFC certification: explaining the principles with which the company wants to guide its daily work. This interest is so great, that many of our clients consult us periodically on the status of our certification.

Even being a small business, it is important that our impact on the environment is as neutral as possible, and we want to contribute to generating that same consciousness in our environment.

Our world is constantly evolving. The population increases, affecting consumption, and it must be a common requirement that natural resources do not come from illegal and uncontrolled operations. It is important to reach the final consumer with products made responsibly, and they must be aware of it.

Today, society accepts non-certified products as normal; they are unaware of the problems caused by unsustainable products. In our view, certification should be the norm, and non-certified products rejected.

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