Sananitos, sustainable packaging. Plus fun!

Drasanvi highlights the importance of preserving the environment in every step of the production chain.

Sananitos, sustainable packaging. Plus fun!

5 October 2016 Packaging

Sustainability is not at odds with fun! Drasanvi, a Spanish company and leader in the natural dietary supplements market, uses the PEFC label on the packaging of many of their products.

Prominent among these is Sananitos, their line of children’s syrups.These syrups, all made from natural plants, are specially designed to maximize active principles that fight and prevent the most common childhood ailments: poor sleep, poor appetite, tummy aches, poor immune system, parasites, etc.

They are easy to take and have a fruity flavor that kids love. Nonetheless, the funniest feature for children is the surprise that every box contains interactive games, stories, cutout pets and even healthy tips.


“At Drasanvi, we are aware that our consumers stand out for their exigencies, demanding manufacturing excellence and efficiency,” said Óscar López, President of the company.

“They are also increasingly aware and concerned about both the natural source of the ingredients and sustainable packaging alternatives that help reduce the impact on the environment,” explains Mr. López.

“At Drasanvi, we continuously work to meet these expectations, and the PEFC label is an example of our commitment to preserving the environment and minimizing the environmental impact,” he continued.

“The fact that our packages are made of cardboard from sustainably managed forests adds value to our products, is coherent with our “natural” approach, and is increasingly valued by our customers,” adds the President.

Therefore, Drasanvi always requires its printing and packaging providers to deliver materials from responsibly-managed forests, as part of Drasanvi’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

About Drasanvi

Quality and innovation are two of the fundamental core concepts offering added value to Drasanvi’s 23 years of career trajectory. Drasanvi has achieved national recognition as a market-leader in health, beauty and wellness. The points of sale for the distribution are pharmacies, drugstores, independent health shops, health food shops and department stores such as El Corte Ingles in Spain.

Currently, Drasanvi is on the path to international expansion, getting ready to land in France, Italy, Portugal, UK, Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean. Such market penetration reflects a high flexibility to adapt to market changes.

Looking for excellence, Drasanvi counts on an R+D+I team which is devoted to optimize the formulation and extraction of the active principles from plants and fruits. The main goal is to obtain the maximum yield from these natural ingredients, providing at the same time effective and easy-to-take doses. In addition, every product undergoes strict quality control tests, guaranteeing maximum security and efficacy.

Drasanvi roots for CSR

Environmental care is one important pillar of Drasanvi’s CSR. The company considers it necessary to preserve the environment in every step of the production chain.

Annually, through its self-imposed production management systems’ improvement, Drasanvi aims to reduce its environmental impact. Drasanvi offers the ISO 9001 stamp, as well as the ISO 14001 stamp, working within the guidelines of the Environmental Management Systems.

All packaging is made of cardboard from responsibly managed forests, displaying the PEFC and FSC labels. In addition, the company recycles all the cardboard and paper through Ecoembes, and no products are tested in animals.

The other important pillar of Drasanvi’s CSR is rooting for sports and giving support to different sportsmen/women, including Rafa Nadal and the gymnast Carolina Rodríguez. The company also promotes several projects about childhood, solidarity, and health through a special employment center and the Drasanvi Foundation.

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