Case stories

Case stories

24 January 2018

Impriarte: a small business with big environmental goals


Dedicated to the printing of packaging and adhesive labels, and the development and manufacture of point of sale (POS) materials, Impriarte offers a wide range of PEFC-certified products. The production centers use 100% renewable energy and soon the company will offset its carbon footprint through forestry projects for CO2 absorption in Spain.

5 October 2016

Sananitos, sustainable packaging. Plus fun!


Drasanvi, a Spanish company and leader in the natural dietary supplements market, uses the PEFC label on the packaging of many of their products. Environmental care is one important pillar of Drasanvi’s CSR. The company considers it necessary to preserve the environment in every step of the production chain, and therefore always requires its printing and packaging providers to deliver materials from responsibly-managed forests.

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