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We use our projects and partnerships to support the growth of forest certification around the world.

Our projects

Reaching Portugal’s small-forest owners through group certification


86% of Portugal’s forests are owned by small private landowners, but only a few of these landowners had achieved certification. This project increased this number through the development of PEFC group certification.

Indonesia’s community forests: learning from the past to improve the future


Community forests play an important role within Indonesia, but their certification continues to be a challenge. This project developed a new community forestry standard to make forest certification more accessible to these communities.

Advancing forest certification in Ghana

National system development

While forest certification existed in Ghana, it lacked international recognition. This project helped get the national forest certification system through key stages of development, moving it towards PEFC endorsement.

Generating new knowledge on carbon stocks in managed tropical forests


Supporting CIRAD to generate new knowledge on the long-term impacts of timber extraction on both carbon stocks and timber recovery in the humid tropics.

Working in partnership to bring sustainable management to Myanmar’s forests

National system development

As Myanmar reforms its forest sector, we are supporting the country towards sustainable management of its forest resources in order to advance equitable and sustainable development.

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